Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the way of ninja

i took another holiday.this time i had it .im stressed about my weight and about how iam going to cope up with mom.till now the only motivation for studies has been the concern of mom's old age after nani passed away.i do not want my mom to suffer like nani and nana.im afraid that some day i will become like my father -a lazy person and unsuccesful.no matter how much i try to be punctual and patient,it fails.iam done trying everything from counselling sessions to learning lessons from my mistake but it does not work out.maybe THEY are right.the problem is in the genes.the reason i have isolated myself and have become an outcast in the society is because i do not want to get spoiled.the reason why i have been out of trouble is because of my ability to adapt and survive in the society.to live alone,thats my nindo.sorry if i hurt anybody

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Sarita said...

I guess you need to look into the other genes that you carry as well. Focus on the wonderful sense of humor that you have. Focus on your great ability to adapt and adjust. Focus on your innate sense of survival and having learnt the beautiful art of survival. Not many have the above.

Once you look into the positives, the negatives just pale away. There is really nothing that cannot be achieved.

If you are in awe of your mother, then pick up her skill sets of survival - she too at one time of her life went through the same negativity that you think you have. Yet, she made it, didnt she?

And, so can you.

Just believe in yourself.

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