Friday, August 20, 2010

Love is a fated tragedy and its only survivor is waiting to get rescued,will you lend a hand?

A simple thing thats says everything about my feelings for you.

Why is that my feelings for you have changed and are not like the same for you as it used to be.What happened to those moments when magic felt real.You were so close to me and yet you seem like a faded ghost.I have been swayed by this gentle breeze of love for so long that I cannot bear to touch the ground.All because of you.I savor the magnificent beauty each of the millions pixels hold, that form your pretty face and display the unimaginable.Your memories haunt me day and night as vivid as a surreal dream.You have made me what I lacked and for that I have enslaved myself to your piercing chains of passion.You have shaken the state of my mind and my body, and in so I have become very limerent towards you.Although it is an unrequited love,I have not yet been able to convey my feelings for you.This love-shyness has hindered me to come close to you or is it that the heavenly gates to your heart have been forever shut?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp Unreachable!

                     08/08/10 #1st   camp unreachable

Upon landing, we were greeted with two other students, they were:-Andrea, from Canada and Chung-An (Andy) from Taiwan! We also met our Man of the Job, a guy who was here to receive us. But we actually had to stay at the airport for a long, long time. We were in a bus but we were stuck in here because many students had yet not arrived. We were at the airport from 12:00 to around 15:45, which was pretty exhausting without food and water. People had not even started to familiarize themselves when Mexicans had already formed a group and having a party. Finally we hit the road and I was a bit surprised with the country side looks Helsinki and Karrkuu sported. On the way to the camp, we were attacked by a cloud of rain. It was quite heavy and reminded me a bit of Mumbai! As expected it was a storm that actually knocked the power of the camp when we reached there. We were greeted with many seniors and some of them were very helpful to us. We just had an Apple that day but it was ok. Things were supposed to turn into good things and I longed for it. I got myself a nice room-mate, he is Josh-from Ohio, U.S.A. The night ended as it had fallen…silently.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The journey begins!

Its time to leave India-Incredible India 

The bags had been set, documents were in the pocket, and emotions were suppressed, they will be needed in the final destination. With a heavy heart and a weary soul, I stepped out of my solitary house, ready to take on the world. With the realizations of the greater goal and the upcoming battle with oneself, I was ready to unleash the WARRIOR WITHIN.

Working towards a common goal :)
The journey did not take place in the physical world, oh no it didn't! It took place in my mind, playing chaos theory with my neurons. The memories, the fears were all coming back to me. But I had to hold on. I was being counted upon; I was responsible for the outlook that the exchange students were going to adopt for this country. India would not be the slum dog in this trip. I would not let that happen……The honking of the horns signaled our arrival at the airport. It was time for MOM to let go…to let go of her only son, the precious boy who survived despite being foretold that he won't make it. The passenger line continued to march ahead without a reason not to hit the others with the trolleys, all ready to go and try their luck, but it was me who was not ready to leaveyet. One THING was amiss, the hug that my mom deserved, and a hug that will be the only touch lasting my impression on her for the next year. But as they say, the world moves on, I was pushed inside to check-in. Standing there, a ticket in hand, the only thing that kept me going ahead was the time I will be able to meet her again, the next year. Although I had cajoled the moment of missing to say goodbye to mom, she wasn't about to accept that. I was able to bid her goodbye, only after the security fell for the excess luggage trick! Our parting did bring a relief into my heart. But it wasn't nothing compared to the isolation, alienation I was about to face in Finland. 
The flight took me to my new home via Frankfurt, an airport with such less amount of security; that it was way enough to jeopardize it and expose it .The distance covered to reach my connecting flight was enough to make me lose a 100 kcal. Is this what the world calls it now days; connecting flights!? Stepping on to the concrete covered runaway to reach my final flight to Helsinki, my face was kissed by the gentle air and refreshing smell that it carried with it. I began pondering whether I should make friends right from the start, during the orientation, or to do it after joining a school. My question was answered in the form of two exchange students from Canada. They were Karly and Alysha, both of them behaving like sisters in a park. After a brief introduction with them, I was made aware of another student who was with us. A Mexican, he was Enrique, a sweet guy to be friends with in the first impression. Our flight was as pleasant as it could be, with the addition of a rapport between us three. Finally…I had landed to a place where I was going to change myself for the better. I had set my foot on Finland.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Soturi Sisalla:-The Warrior Wtihin

Where does this road lead?
A new journey will begin!

Hi all.I am going for Finland today and I have decided to post my experiences,pleasures,precious moments on my blog.I will miss you all,especially my mom,friends,ex-colleagues and others who I have been fortunate enough to be their friends.These people have taught me a great deal about life.Its time to learn new things,face greater challenges,make new friends,expand my horizons,dream bigger,better;its unleash the WARRIOR WITHIN.

The time has come,I've got to move >>>>

Finland-Journey towards a change,a change that might bring about a paradigm shift in my goals and probably in my outlook towards the world.As the time flows and never comes back(unless SOT),I will try to be as optimistic and risk-taking as I can be.I do not know what hardships I will face there.But I know this,its gonna be a heck of an experience.
Check out the site to know more about my journey to this beautiful country,the url is on the title of the post.

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