Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp Unreachable!

                     08/08/10 #1st   camp unreachable

Upon landing, we were greeted with two other students, they were:-Andrea, from Canada and Chung-An (Andy) from Taiwan! We also met our Man of the Job, a guy who was here to receive us. But we actually had to stay at the airport for a long, long time. We were in a bus but we were stuck in here because many students had yet not arrived. We were at the airport from 12:00 to around 15:45, which was pretty exhausting without food and water. People had not even started to familiarize themselves when Mexicans had already formed a group and having a party. Finally we hit the road and I was a bit surprised with the country side looks Helsinki and Karrkuu sported. On the way to the camp, we were attacked by a cloud of rain. It was quite heavy and reminded me a bit of Mumbai! As expected it was a storm that actually knocked the power of the camp when we reached there. We were greeted with many seniors and some of them were very helpful to us. We just had an Apple that day but it was ok. Things were supposed to turn into good things and I longed for it. I got myself a nice room-mate, he is Josh-from Ohio, U.S.A. The night ended as it had fallen…silently.

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