Friday, August 20, 2010

Love is a fated tragedy and its only survivor is waiting to get rescued,will you lend a hand?

A simple thing thats says everything about my feelings for you.

Why is that my feelings for you have changed and are not like the same for you as it used to be.What happened to those moments when magic felt real.You were so close to me and yet you seem like a faded ghost.I have been swayed by this gentle breeze of love for so long that I cannot bear to touch the ground.All because of you.I savor the magnificent beauty each of the millions pixels hold, that form your pretty face and display the unimaginable.Your memories haunt me day and night as vivid as a surreal dream.You have made me what I lacked and for that I have enslaved myself to your piercing chains of passion.You have shaken the state of my mind and my body, and in so I have become very limerent towards you.Although it is an unrequited love,I have not yet been able to convey my feelings for you.This love-shyness has hindered me to come close to you or is it that the heavenly gates to your heart have been forever shut?

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