Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conversation between two enemies who happen to be best friends.

An easy evening sets the mood for some blame-games between me and my mom.The premise is the expenses that my mom has to pay on my year-round trip to Finland..and these are just normal conversations..nothing extra-over-the-top-of ordinary bullshit..Just a normal chat with her which often has humorous outcomes.

{(normal banter between me and my mom)}

Mom :-Why do you think I am getting paranoid on expenses?????
Me    :-Umm..because you like to worry to much,I guess?

Mom :-ha ha ha such blame game!

Me    :-yeah,what am I supposed to say, Not have coffee with friends?

Mom (in her monotonous and BORING sarcastic voice)  :- How convenient and what a lovely way to continue with the expenses.Sure have coffee but limit wherever you can.

Me    :-Ok!..I will have a decaf coffee with no sugar and milk and I will have my friend's brains if I'm hungry (Honestly..I always do that! Eat my friend's brain,I mean.Because my mom ate MINE!)..see..I know how to cut down on expenses,mom.Touché!

Mom   :-WOW! (I really WOW'ed her!).Such indigenious (yeah..she typed that! Its INGENIOUS) solutions! No wonder your friends love you.I miss you and I love you son.

Me (giving her the Leonardo Di Caprio Look)  :- in what way?   

Mom   :-All the ways!!!!!!!!

Me      :-O_O......Pedobear Mommy!    :S

Mom    :-whats that?

Me        :-a female ♀version of a pedobear!

Mom      :-what's a pedobear?

Me         :- (At this point.....I am really thinking-Seriously??? She doesn't know what a PEDO-BEAR
                  is? What did she have this morning, Marijuana? Hell..could be! She must be  voting for the                    Prop 19-I bet she doesn't even know what it means!)

Me (being a good son,I finally give her a hint) :- *sigh* Utilize your best friend of 14 years..
                                                       Google Logo

                                                 (After a few seconds of radio static)

Mom      :- LOL   (Laugh Out Loud for those who are socially not inclined)
          pagal bacha mere (Hindi text-translates to..crazy son of mine)

Me         :-Yes I am! Born from the Infamy of a crazed woman!

Mom     :-No doubts about that!

      _____________________________END OF THE LINE_______________________________


sarita said...

I laughed and laughed and laughed on reading this one Anmol. I especially loved all the details you have put in...about the coffee, goggle, etc...Continue with your writings my son

tellmeyourdreams said...

this is so flawless, creative and of course humorous!

tellmeyourdreams said...

yes anmol its Tanvi from CSE :)remember u as a little child who used to hug his mother all the time and devoured cheese sandwiches at CSE's canteen :)

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