Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its complicated

Love-such a powerful bond!
I dreamt of her..the 3rd time.We were in a big posh mansion and we had some kind of super-powers and we were playing hide and seek with other people who had super-powers and the ones who lost were put inside a glass bottle filled with  a small amount of magical water which made the person turn a mere 5 inch tall because he lost his game.She was constantly looking at me,giving me these glances that hinted another shot at the broken relationship,a chance to rebuild again what was once lost.Then the scene shifts to a party hall the size of a Las Vegas Casino and I am having a gala time in here with the ladies,the food and the wealthy..when she comes into my spotlight.What caught me off-guard was that she was not wearing her veil.She had let out her hair for the first time in front of public and oh my what hair she had! Jet black..long...shoulder length with perfect curls..and she was in a black dress that seemed to accentuate her features and she was not wearing her usual glasses which instantly gave depth to her character.I was drawn to her like a geek to an Iphone..I had missed her so much..The whole hyper-real dream-scape was playing to the song "Far Away by Trumpet ThingClick Here to listen to the song.I wanted to be with her without losing a second but I guess my male ego wouldnt let me.It kept telling me look away and act a bit flamboyantly .I think it did not wanted to get hurt by making me sound like a pathetic guy who loved his woman so much that he used to cry in her absence.But I guess..it was my fault that all of this happened."Never make a girl fall for you if you don't plan on catching her" I shouldn't have made her think about me all the time.I dont know what she found so charming in me but I guess that charm worked at my disadvantage as she was not able to keep this relationship of ours under-wraps any more and that's why it came to a  not-so-drama laden end.Its quite ironic though...She left me for the same reason she fell in love with me....I made her go crazy.Thats true..she typed the reason why she is ending this;because she went crazy during the holiday in my absence.She wanted to hear my voice, my lovely,beautiful words and harsh criticism,She liked me whole.Even though elder to me,she was..she still was possessive of me, so was I of her and even though she was O.K with me being with my friends during the holiday,she couldn't let me leave her side.I guess now I understand what she felt at that time.Somethings only come to our realization After we have lost those precious things.I think we had formed a symbiotic kind of a relationship...we could sense each other's thoughts.Msging her at the right moment when she was writing my name on her notes during her class was not a coincidence.But I know that there is no room for light to come in..there is no opportunity for this again.She made that clear when she msged me.."Can we really be just friends?!" I guess not.And although I am sad without her..I am happy that she is gone.she wanted this to end.Why would I stop her? If you love someone..let that being go,free that person from the thorns of love if thats what makes her happy.In the end,I guess we both are getting our lives back to normalcy.She was the catalyst of making me more mature in these relationships and the responsibilities that come with them,I made sure I let her know of this thankful gesture of hers.I am not in contact with her anymore and its quite heinous for us to not to be but I guess its best for the both of us..or is it?
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sarita said...

Reading an update after long!

sarita said...

I meant here:

The whole hyper-real dream-scape was playing to the song "Far Away by Trumpet Thing" (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SONG) I wanted to be with her without losing a second but I guess my male

Elusive Anmol said...

All right.Thanks for the tip.These are things which help my blog..it is good..fresh and I hope so-engaging..because of the feedback I get from you people..So keep 'em comin'

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