Monday, November 10, 2008


well today it was THE paper distribution day,so i was preparing myself to confront the results.last time i told mom "this time i have done better in some subjects".but,on the contrary,i got bad marks.i cannot disclose the details of my performance and i don't want to remember it.though i got good marks in psychology.better than the last time.and i kept my promise to the psy. teacher.i dont know why i got less marks.but i do realize,it's over,i'm tired of giving excuses,though they are right in someway,but i want to take responsibility of it.i don't know how i'am gonna do it but i want tp perform iq is giving me a scare.every now or then,i'am keep on forgetting the spelling of many words.maybe its because i have stopped reading or maybe something else.but its depressing.i could ask for somebody's help for guidance in the college.that would really help me.i found out i may have dyscalculia as 90% of the listed symptoms are there in me.

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